About the New Facility

Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center (“FPFC”) has been a treasured multi-generational recreation and fitness facility in our community since 1975. We provide aquatic and land-based programs to thousands of people each year, helping them stay fit, have fun, learn skills and meet personal goals through competitive, therapeutic and recreational activities, services and programs, including:

  • Swim Lessons. Over 1,200 lessons annually to residents of all ages, imparting this vital life skill. A pilot program with Island View third-grade and special-needs students, expanding to all district third-graders next school year.
  • Youth Programs. Daily recreational swims, combining fun with exercise, to generations of community youngsters. A professionally-coached in-house swim team, ages 6-18, teaching kids competitive and team-building skills. Scholarship programs for disadvantaged youth, allowing all to participate.
  • A Place to Meet and Stay Fit. 1,300 check-ins per week. A place to gather and socialize, providing a sense of purpose and belonging, while meeting personal fitness goals along the way.
  • Effective Partnerships. Physical Therapy support through Island Hospital, kayaking and scuba training skills with local providers and agencies, Anacortes High School swim team practices and meets.

The Challenge

Our facility is 45 years old (and counting), with limited capacity to meet the needs of all residents: Physical therapy patients find our pool too cold • lap swimmers find our pool too warm and too crowded • lack of ADA access and an elevator • lack of fire sprinklers • a need for family changing areas • outdated locker facilities. The list goes on..

We seek to renew the vision and rekindle the community commitment that gave us a fine new facility in the ‘70s–to build on our pool’s legacy with a new facility that fulfills community needs for future generations and continues to enhance the lifestyle and connections we all treasure.

A new facility should be in our future…help us make a splash!